Super Asia Room Cooler Ecm-6500 Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Super Asia Room Cooler Ecm-6500 in Pakistan is Rs.21,730 and estimated average price is Rs.23,345.


Super Asia is a Pakistani brand that is one of the go-to options for room coolers. These water-based air coolers work better for the dry kind of heat. The ECM-6500 has a capacity of 65 litres and even has motorized louvers so the air can be sent in different directions, covering more area in the room. The price of this device is in the affordable range.

Pros & Cons


  • Good design

  • Sturdy build

  • Wheels on the base

  • Energy efficient


  • Works better for dry heat environment


Super Asia room cooler ECM-6500

A known brand for room coolers, Super Asia has many options at various sizes. The ECM-6500 can house 65-litres of water, making it a relatively large air cooler. The design is stylish and it even has wheels on the base so one can move it around easily. The body of the ECM-6500 is plastic, meaning it keeps one safe from shocks and keeps its self safe from rust.

The cooling pads are imported, giving them a higher level of efficiency when it comes to cooling. The brand has gone for a powerful full copper motor so the fan has more throw and there is even a motorized louvre. This lets the air get sent in different directions instead of blasting only one way. 

The controls are simple and are set right on top of the front of the cooler, making them easily accessible and visible to users.


The water needs to be changed at regular intervals so it does not become stale and smell up your room. Aside from this, a room cooler is generally low maintenance.

Running the Super Asia room cooler ECM-6500 is a lot cheaper than ACs. The price of this air cooler is in the affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
Super Asia ECM-6500 Fast Cool Room Cooler With Of… Rs. 23,999
Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM 6500 Plus Rs. 24,000
Super Asia Room Cooler ECM 6500 Rs. 21,730
Super Asia Room Cooler ECM6500 Plus Rs. 24,000
Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM6500 Rs. 23,000
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