Super Asia Dryer Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Super Asia Dryer in Pakistan is Rs.11,023 and estimated average price is Rs.16,848.


Super Asia is a local brand that produces a range of home appliances. This includes washing machines and spin dryers. There are multiple options with the dryer; one can choose based on their specific need. The prices of a Super Asia dryer are in the lower ranges.


Super Asia dryer

Not all washing machines have a spin dryer system built into them, to compensate for this Super Asia has dryers as stand-alone units. This device spins the clothes once they are washed, using the centrifugal force to extract as much water as possible. After this process clothes dry a lot faster once they are put on the line as there is lesser water to dry out.

The Super Asia dryers are semi-automatic, with a timer that you can set that dings once the set time is up. The weight of the general options is 10kg, meaning they can handle 10kgs of wet clothes at one time. They are built with powerful copper motors so the life of the device is also longer due to its robust build. The body is made from plastic, helping one avoid electric shocks as well as keeping the body rust-free.


The price of a dryer from Super Asia would be in the affordable ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Super Asia Dryer SD-555 Rs. 17,800
Super Asia Dryer 10Kg SD550 Rs. 16,300
Super Asia Dryer 7Kg SDM620 Rs. 17,900
Super Asia Dryer 10Kg SD570 Crystal Rs. 17,300
Super Asia Dryer 12Kg SD540SS Rs. 19,100
Super Asia Dryer 10Kg SD555 Rs. 18,000
Super Asia Dryer 8Kg SD525 Rs. 13,800
Super Asia Dryer 7Kg SD550S Rs. 16,500
Super Asia Dryer 7Kg SDS520 Rs. 18,000
Super Asia Dryer SD572 Plus Crystal Rs. 17,500
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