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The Lowest price of Sunsilk Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs.248 and estimated average price is Rs.542.


Sunsilk shampoo is recommended for users who want to make their hair feel healthier, stronger while taming unwanted frizz and split ends. For manageable and well-groomed hair, users want it to be perfectly smooth and straight.


Reliable and Strong

The daily stress caused by sun damage, pollution and dandruff can make hair prone to hair fall and weak at the root. The Sunsilk shampoo focuses on these hair problems ensuring consumers are able to find relief from frequent hair damage and restore their hairs natural strength. The shampoo has vibrant packaging and shampoo colours that are fragrant and effective. 

Soft and Smooth 

The formula for Perfect Straightsee Collection has Hydration Oils and Silk Soy Protein that ensure hair feels deeply nourished after the first wash. The goal is to help hair become straight and smooth even after air drying. It does this by creating a rich moisturised protective layer on the hair follicles that keeps them locked into a straight texture. Similarly, the Nourishing Soft & Smoothsee Collection ensures hair grows rapidly to become thick and long with regular usage. The five natural oils formula is a non-greasy formula that has argan oil, babasu oil, almond oil, camellia oil and coconut oil that create a powerful natural hydration remedy for weak hair.

The thick and long shampoo is called Sunsilk Yellow that guarantees hair will become soft, smooth and silky. Biotin is an essential hair growth ingredient used in the Sunsilk formula that nourishes down to the root of the hair. Popularly used to achieve this result is the Sunsilk Green Shampoo that reduces hair fall while restoring hairs natural texture and strength. 

Lusciously Thick and Longsee Collection has keratin yoghurt that is a formula with both natural ingredient base along with essential collagen improving keratin agents that cleans the hair and nourishes the roots. Sunsilk aims to provide solutions for hair fall, damage, strength and texture ensuring that these problems can be reversed to naturally strong, bouncy, shiny smooth and voluminous hair. 

Strong and Shiny 

The Hairfall Solutionsee Collection is directed for those consumers looking for jett black hair. The formula has soya protein and vitamins that ensure the hair becomes stronger and be able to withstand external damage of the sun and pollution. The soya protein deeply moisturizes the hair and scalp to restore hair natural shine. The Stunning Black Shinesee is able to combat irregular dandruff with its amla-pearl complex that protects hair from becoming damaged and dull. Amla is a natural hair remedy used by ayurvedic experts to make hair black and shiny. The Sunsilk Anti Dandruff Shampoo is a part of Sunsilk’s Co-Creations range enriched with Egg extract is known natural remedy for dry, brittle hair while also effective in removing dandruff.

Tame and Manageable 

The Sunsilk Keratinology Detoxifying Shampoo is a part of the Keratinology Shampoo Collection that is meant for salon-treated coloured hair. Rapidly repairing chemical damage and locking in moisture needed for the hair top feel hydrated and soft. Remove any excess oil and dirt from the scalp making it stronger and healthier. 

Hijab Recharge Collection

For women who cover their heads for the most part of the day and at times even while being at home need a different shampoo than those who do not cover. The Segar Berhijab, Anti Rambut Gugur and Anti Kelemumur Shampoos are able to deliver the needed remedy for covered hair. Women who cover can face problems like sweat accumulation on the scalp, itchiness and weakening of the root of the hair leading to rapid hair fall. It is important to have a heavily fragrant shampoo to ensure hair keeps smelling fresh and wonderful for up to 2 days. The formula has deeply nourishing agents and the necessary ingredients to help reduce hair fall.   

Price List

Model Price
Sunsilk Natural Recharge Anti-Hairfall Almond & H… Rs. 520
Sunsilk Natural Recharge Anti-Hairfall Almond & H… Rs. 285
Sunsilk Fig & Mint Refresh Natural Recharge Shamp… Rs. 285
Sunsilk Long & Healthy Biotin Milk Protein & Aloe… Rs. 560
Sunsilk Thick & Long Keratin Yogurt Protein & Coc… Rs. 299
Sunsilk Natural Recharge Fig & Mint Refresh Shamp… Rs. 520
Sunsilk Thick & Long Keratin Yogurt Protein & Coc… Rs. 330
Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Argan Oil, Soy Protein… Rs. 560
Sunsilk Natural Recharge Egg & Yogurt Anti-Dandru… Rs. 520
Sunsilk Black Shine 5 Natural Oil, Pearl Protein … Rs. 899
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