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The Lowest price of Strobe Light in Pakistan is Rs.1,650 and estimated average price is Rs.10,021.


A strobe light is any light that flashes at intervals. There are many uses of such lights in everyday life. One can find the kind of strobe light they are looking for, depending on this the prices vary.


What is a strobe light

A stroboscopic light or strobe light is any light that is used to produced flashes of light at intervals. These intervals vary depending on the light itself or on manual settings if they are provided on the strobe light, the flash itself lasts mere milliseconds. The bulb producing these flashes can be of various kinds but today it is common that it is an LED, like on police cars. Larger strobes have flashtube-bulbs or halogen lamps combined with capacitors. The usage of capacitors allows for energy to be stored and released at high speeds, without affecting the main power supply and tripping the circuit breakers.

Uses of strobe lights

One of the main uses is as a cautionary light. On can see them atop large buildings and also on aeroplanes. Strobe lights are coupled with alarm systems. This is also seen in cars.

Cyclists use them as a means to be more visible.

Strobe lights are also used in theatre to create a lightning effect and in photography, if there is a need to create a set of specific images.

Dangers of a strobe

Strobe lights have been known to trigger seizures in people who have epilepsy. One should keep that in mind, although different levels of flashing and speed affect different patients in different ways. Some may just experience dizziness while others can have a full seizure.


One can find strobe lights at many different prices, this depends on the power and size of the light in question. Strobe lights for various uses are of different sizes.

Price List

Model Price
300W 5600K Studio Strobe Flash Light Monolight wi… Rs. 24,999
Car LED Door Warning Strip Light/Strobe Flash Lam… Rs. 1,900
Type R Strobe Flashers | Multi-Function Adjustabl… Rs. 1,650
Police Red And Blue Dashboard Flasher Light 8 LED… Rs. 8,250
U3 Multi Function Strobe Flood Light - Each | Sup… Rs. 2,200
GODOX DE-300 Strobe Light Kit. Rs. 29,500
Car LED Door Warning Strip Light/Strobe Flash Lam… Rs. 1,650
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