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The Lowest price of Spatula in Pakistan is Rs.160 and estimated average price is Rs.663.


A spatula is a heat resistant kitchen utensil used while cooking and baking. There are a variety of designs available that include wide, narrow, flat and curved in large, medium and small sizes made from rubber, silicone, wood or stainless steel.


The stainless steel spatula is commonly used in kitchens for deep frying snacks, chips and flipping burger patties on the fryer. There are some that have a wide flat solid metal plate design that can hold the food in place while others have mesh or holes to release excess oil. The wooden spatula ensures that soup and other mixtures of food remain thick and rich as it softly turns and mixes the ingredients.

The rubber and silicon designs are entirely heat resistant that can withstand high temperatures keeping the hands safe from injuries or burns at all times. These are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes that can be purchased as a set of various utensils. These are often used in nonstick pots and pans so the nonstick coating does not get damaged. Wood can also be used in such pans, metal is generally not recommended but if used very carefully can be managed.

Cooking Preparations

The flipping of burgers, samosas, pakoras or turning over kebabs and burger patties is a lot easier with a spatula. Considered a kitchen essential when dealing with high temperatures as it will not melt and the strong handle offers control over the food at all times. The curved handle creates a firm grip over the spatula that remains heat resistant even if it is stainless steel. There are soft and hard versions of spatulas used according to the meal preparation. The rubber designs are usually used for baking and breakfast prep whereas stainless steel spatulas are commonly used for deep frying and flipping larger pieces of food.

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Model Price
Prestige Spatula Set - 50175 Rs. 1,600
Tescoma Spaceline Spatula - 638035 Rs. 850
Angled Frosting Cake Spatula Knife Stainless Stee… Rs. 293
Non Stick Spatula and Oiling Brush-Pack of 2 Rs. 218
Pack of 2 Spatula & BBQ Oil Brush, Transparent Si… Rs. 240
Silicon Spatula for Baking ( 1 Piece ) Rs. 495
Silicone Spatula - Set of 4 Rs. 999
Orange Silicone Spatula - Premier Home - SKU 0804… Rs. 704
Pack of 2 - Silicon Oiling Brush & Spatula Rs. 335
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