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The solar water pump is affordable to purchase and easy to install and operate as the motorised pump system is powered with a solar panel that does not require any electricity from the main power supply.



The solar water pump can pull large quantities of water from lakes, rivers and water wells that make it easy to transport water from the source to your water tank at home. The machine is simple as it fills water tanks or supplies farms with essential irrigation water or supports an area's water supply. The solar panel generates Direct Current  DC electricity that is converted into Alternating Current AC that powers the machine.


Solar water pumps run only on clean sunlight conversion systems to create power making it easy to replace renewable energy sources such as petrol fuel and electricity saving you money. Even when there is no main electricity supply the solar water pump will be able to run smoothly without being affected by load shedding problems. Excellent system for areas without access to electricity or regular fuel supply. Minimal upkeep and maintenance are required with a solar water pump as it does not exhaust the motor or overheat like fuel or electricity supply powered models.

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