Solar Plates Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Solar Plates in Pakistan is Rs.1,380 and estimated average price is Rs.4,505.


Solar plates are environmentally friendly and economical in saving electricity for the entire household. They are easy to purchase, lightweight and simple to operate helping families and small business owners save money.


Types of Solar Plates 

The solar plates price in Pakistan depends on the quality of the silicon used to create the panel. There are two kinds of photovoltaic (PV) systems available to customers that include premium monocrystalline panels that are expensive as compared to the cheaper polycrystalline version of solar plates. Both produce energy from the sun but because they are made from different quality of silicon their ability to store power varies.

A solar plate can store energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. The mono solar plates use durable high quality silicon called single-crystal that is highly absorbent and efficient at storing energy even in low sunlight settings. The silicon solar cell in monocrystalline solar panels is black in colour and considered highly effective in producing electricity in low to little sunlight weather. The polycrystalline are made from various silicon grades that are melted together giving it the colour blue commonly seen in Pakistan.  The multiple crystals of silicon used to create the plates reduce the movement of electrons lower their ability to store energy. If you have a lot of space on your roof then installing polycrystalline solar plates will reduce the cost of purchase and installation as you can buy more plates that will be able to generate enough electricity for the entire house and still be cheaper than buying monocrystalline plates. 

Solar Plate Brands

The International companies that are known to produce high-quality solar plates are Canadian Solar, Sunpower, LG, Hyundai and SolarWorld but you can check for local sellers that have imported solar plates from overseas. 

Price List

Model Price
Aardee ARDI-7615 Non Stick Aluminium Sole Plate I… Rs. 6,500
New Deluxe Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Dry Iron… Rs. 1,699
Panasonic 1000W Non-Stick Soleplate Dry Iron NI22… Rs. 6,999
National iron heavy weight 1000w plastic housing … Rs. 1,700
Panasonic NI-M 250T - Titanium Coated Sole Plate … Rs. 5,499
Aardee - ARSI-83XY - 1200W Steam Iron-Self-clean … Rs. 5,999
Philips Dry iron GC-160 1200 W with DynaGlide sol… Rs. 5,199
Braun TexStyle 5 TS545S - steam generator iron - … Rs. 10,099
Kenwood Gold Sole Plate Heavy Wright Ceramic Dry … Rs. 6,499
Star Wood 1000W Heavy Duty Deluxe Automatic Iron … Rs. 1,380
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