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Solar Lights Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Solar Lights in Pakistan is Rs.308 and estimated average price is Rs.22,779.


Solar-powered lights can be bought for lighting indoor as well as outdoor spaces and one can benefit from their long term electricity bill saving advantage. Check solar lights prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for the best brands and buying options in Pakistan.


The increasing cost of energy products has become inconvenient for users. To save cost and to adopt greener forms of energy, people are turning to solar panels and solar lighting systems. Solar-powered lights are available in all designs, colours and sizes. There is a wide range of in-store variety of solar bulbs and lights in all major cities across Pakistan. You can also buy them online at much cheaper rates and more options. 

Best Solar Lights Brands in Pakistan

The leading brands that manufacture solar bulbs lights in Pakistan are Ample Lights, EverBrite, SOGO,  AlphaTronix and Acapulco They provide a wide range of outdoor and indoor solar-powered lights in a variety of colours, sizes and wattages. 

Indoor Solar LED Lights

These lights and bulbs come in all shapes and sizes for indoor spaces. They consist of a battery, LED lamp and are charged through a solar panel. These include solar LED wall lights, solar ceiling lights, stick-up lights, colour changing lights etc.

Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar garden lights, solar street LED lights, solar LED lawn lamps, solar street lights, emergency lights, solar camping lights, floodlights are all examples of outdoor solar-powered lights. You don't need to worry about weather damage as solar bulbs and lights for the garden are manufactured to withstand all weather conditions including rain, snow, blizzard and harsh winds. Just make sure to look for the IPX4 rated solar-powered lights which is the waterproof grade for solar-powered lights. They can be left outside for years without worrying about heat or cold damage. Install the solar-powered lawn lights where it can receive maximum sunlight or artificial light every day so they can be charged well. 

Charging Time

Make sure to give them ample sunlight to charge. The more sunlight solar-powered lights will receive during the day, the longer and brighter they will run at night. Majority of these lights take around 6 hours in direct sun to charge up fully and give you 8 hours on a good charge. 

Battery Life Span 

Outdoor solar-powered lights come with a battery lifespan of 3 to 4 years before you will need to replace them. The LEDs themselves are good to last over 10 years or more. When the lights stop maintaining charge or are unable to illuminate a dark area properly, it is time to replace the solar-powered lights. 

With a little research, you can find the best solar lights price in Pakistan and can also buy solar-powered lights on sale online. 

Price List

Model Price
4PCS LED Solar Pathway Stair Lamp Outdoor Light G… Rs. 2,524
【Special Offer】40 LED PIR Waterproof Outdoor Cour… Rs. 2,059
Solar Powered Strip Light Rs. 2,430
Apple Watch Series 7 45mm Nike Starlight Aluminum… Rs. 79,499
16 led solar light Outdoor 3.7v 2.6w Rs. 3,716
Solar LED Lighthouse Light with Rotating Beam 29C… Rs. 4,996
48 LED Solar Power Wall Light Motion Sensor IP66 … Rs. 2,460
Consult Inn Solar Powered LED Wall Light - 20 LED Rs. 3,000
Solar LED Rechargeable Emergency Light Rs. 1,848
Pack Of 2 - Solar Outdoor Stick-Up Light Rs. 3,510
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