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The Lowest price of Sohrab Bicycle in Pakistan is Rs.377 and estimated average price is Rs.459.


Sohrab bicycles are made locally in Pakistan. It is the go-to brand and has been maintaining its market position for over 50 years. They have a few different kinds of bicycles available. The prices are competitive.


Sohrab Cycles

A local brand that is the leading manufacturer of bicycles. Sohrab Cycles was set up by a group of traders in 1952 when importing became difficult. Originally there were 22 members, today there are 228. The production has gone from 5 a day to 2000 a day. 

The company was set up keeping its workers in mind which is why all the controlling powers lay with the general body, which is elected every three years. The workers of Shorab Cycles have a subsidised canteen and hospital. Each year 5 workers are also sent for Hajj.

Sohrab products

The initial bicycle from Sohrab is a single-speed roadster that is still in production today, over 50 years on. It has a lugged metal frame and steel breaks. In the 1990s Sohrab introduced other bicycles as well. These include mountain bikes, BMX style bikes, a speed bike and even a tandem bicycle. The construction methods and parts on these newer iterations are more modern in comparison to their original lugged metal roadster bicycle.


Sohrab Cycles also make cargo-tricycles that are used by small vendors and wheelchairs; the latter of which are sold at cost price. The brand also has some motorcycles.

Sohrab bicycles are reliable and the prices of their products are set at nominal rates, allowing more people access to them. One can choose the bicycle they want based on their need and the budget they have in mind.

Price List

Model Price
6F-DC Bike Cover Rocker Caspian Actico Dolphin Ri… Rs. 469
6F-DC Bike Cover Rocker Caspian Actico Dolphin Ri… Rs. 377
6F-DC Bike Cover Rocker Caspian Actico Dolphin Ri… Rs. 489
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