Sogo Rechargeable Fan Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Sogo Rechargeable Fan in Pakistan is Rs.1,899 and estimated average price is Rs.4,876.


The Pakistani electricity crisis makes it impossible to rely on the government supply of current to use home appliances and office equipment. The SOGO rechargeable fan's battery feature is a popular choice to ensure that during a load shedding spell the fan can be kept running.


The mini table fan provides portable user-friendly cooling anywhere and at any time. Through its 1500 MAH battery, it can be easily carried and stored in the home and office to be taken out during load shedding. There is also a mist fan version available that will shower the user with cool water through the centre of its cooling fan mechanism.

The 3 in 1 mini table fan and 2 in 1 mini table fan are the popular versions that are commonly bought for office desks, kitchens and even inside a large vehicle. The mini hand fan is ideal for ladies who feel uncomfortable during the extremely hot summer days while shopping and running errands. The 3 different speed feature is a great way to control the intensity of the airflow. The 180° oscillation is a great feature in the table and standing fan as it can throw air all over the room.

Battery Life

The sizable battery starts from 4500 MAH goes up to 7000 MAH providing several hours of uninterrupted power supply. The mist feature is available in the oscillating fan that will keep the sweating hot temperatures of the entire room bearable and cool a large space easily. 

Price List

Model Price
Sogo Rechargeable Table Fan (JPN-630) Rs. 10,999
Sogo Rechargeable Fan - Jpn-520 Rs. 3,399
Sogo Portable Rechargeable Fan - Jpn-410 Rs. 1,899
Sogo JPN-523 Rechargeable Fan Rs. 4,020
Sogo JPN-675 Oscillating Rechargeable Stand Fan 1… Rs. 10,999
Sogo Rechargeable Portable Table Fan (JPN-523) Rs. 5,000
Sogo Rechargeable Mini Usb Portable Fan - Jpn-523 Rs. 3,999
Sogo Windy Rechargeable LED Fan JPN-670 Rs. 7,499
SOGO Rechargeable Fan JPN 630 Rs. 10,219
Sogo Portable Rechargeable Fan - Jpn-518 Rs. 1,999
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