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The Lowest price of Smart Led Tv in Pakistan is Rs.28,152 and estimated average price is Rs.140,778.


Smart LED TVs are becoming more common with time due to the connectivity they provide, with crisp picture quality and high contrast due to the LED's light quality. Smart TVs have the ability to install apps like Netflix and Hulu so you can directly stream onto the TV. They are a lot more energy efficient too because of the LED technology, which helps save on the electric bill. Available at many different price points depending on the size, resolution, brand and year of release.


The LED revolution

Just before LED TVs became a big hit there was an era of Plasma TVs. Once LED TVs took over there was no looking back as the picture quality was a lot crisper and the energy efficiency was so much better than anything before. Today Samsung and LG are competing with newer versions of LED called QLED and OLED.

How LED TVs work

LED TVs are essentially LCD TVs with LEDs as their light source instead of the Compact Fluorescent Lamps. Due to the quality of light emitted by LEDs, the image is sharper with higher contrasts. The LCD decides where the light is allowed to be shown and where it is to be blocked thus making the image we see. As LEDs can also be produced in smaller sizes this makes the LED-based TVs a lot slimmer and also brighter as more LEDs can be grouped into the panel. It is possible to make larger screens at a lesser cost as LED technology itself is cheap.

Smart TV or regular

Regular TVs have all the porting options you would need to connect to them, with the Smart TV you might not need to connect. These ones have the ability to directly connect to the internet so you can stream from Netflix or Hulu through the TV. Not needing a laptop does make it convenient. Also, they usually have apps built-in, such as YouTube. Another advantage with the Smart TV is you can connect your phone or tablet and project the screen onto it, even allowing you to stream from the handheld devices. It opens up a host of new features making things more convenient.


Smart LED TVs can have a resolution which starts at HD to Ultra HD or 4K. Which you choose is up to you and does depend on the budget you may have in mind, a more expensive one will have better resolution. 

Available in many sizes and produced by a large number of brands; the more known brands include Samsung, LG, Sony, EcoStar, Changhong Ruba, TCL, Panasonic, Orient and Toshiba. Prices vary depending on the size of the display, whether it is a Smart TV or not, resolution and year of release. Some brands are also producing curved displays that create an even more immersive visual experience for the viewer, these ones tend to cost a substantial amount more though.

Price List

Model Price
Samsung 55 Inches UHD 4K Smart TV 55AU7000 Rs. 134,000
Samsung 65 Inches UHD 4K Smart TV 65AU7000 Rs. 205,000
Samsung 55 Inch QLED 4K Smart LED QA55Q70AAU Rs. 215,000
TCL 43 Inches 4K Smart Android TV 43P615 Rs. 64,000
Samsung 43 Inches UHD 4K Smart TV 43AU7000 Rs. 95,000
Hisense 65A6100 UHD 65″ 4K Smart UHD LED TV Rs. 309,990
Samsung 65 Inch QLED 4K Smart LED QA65Q70AAU Rs. 287,500
TCL Smart LED TV 55 inch 55P615 Rs. 92,900
Samsung QLED TV 4K Smart 55 Inch QA55Q70BAU Rs. 235,900
TCL 65 Inches 4K Smart Android TV 65P615 Rs. 135,000
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