Sinbo Sandwich Maker Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Sinbo Sandwich Maker in Pakistan is Rs.2,046 and estimated average price is Rs.4,468.


A sandwich maker can help you prepare snacks fast and also the timer means you don't have to worry about it burning if you are doing other small tasks. Sinbo has a few different options to choose from. The prices go from affordable to mid-range.


Preparing sandwiches with a sandwich maker make it a lot easier for you to get this task done. The Sinbo brand has a few different options you can choose from. A sandwich maker is often used by parents to prepare snacks for kids, the convenience is ideal.

The basic Sinbo sandwich maker is the classic one with two slots where you can insert two sandwiches and close the sandwich maker with a clasp to keep it shut. The plates press down on the sandwich while heating up and also cut it into two triangles. This would be ideal to make two different kinds of sandwiches in one go.

The other option that Sinbo has is a grill like sandwich maker, this is better for paninis. The principle is the same, the plates heat up while pressing down on the sandwich. This process melts things like cheese making a yummy sandwich.

You could also use your Sinbo sandwich maker to prepare sweet sandwiches. The outside body is cool while the inside heats, this makes it a more safe appliance and the size is small enough to fit onto almost any countertop with ease.

The plates inside the Sinbo sandwich makers have a non-stick coating on them so it is easy to clean them by wiping them down. The price of Sinbo sandwich makers goes from affordable to mid-range.

Price List

Model Price
Sinbo Premium Sandwich Maker SSM-2509 Rs. 4,205
Sinbo Sandwich Maker (SSM-2510) Rs. 2,967
Sinbo Sandwich Maker (SSM-2550) Rs. 5,520
Sinbo Premium Sandwich Maker SSM-2508 Rs. 4,046
Sinbo Sandwich Maker (SSM-2511) Rs. 4,641
Sinbo SSM-2513 Sandwich Maker Rs. 3,332
Sinbo Grill & Sandwich Maker (SSM-2536) Rs. 7,820
Sinbo Sandwich Maker SSM-2513 Rs. 2,448
Bingo Sandwich Maker BSM-309 Rs. 4,120
Sinbo Sandwich Maker (SSM-2509) Rs. 4,013
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