Sinbo Coffee Maker Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Sinbo Coffee Maker in Pakistan is Rs.6,370 and estimated average price is Rs.6,434.


Coffee makers allow you to prepare your coffee just how you like. One gets the right kind of cup that they want. A coffee maker from Sinbo could be used at home, at the office or even at a cafe. The price of Sinbo coffee makers is in the lower mid-range.


Sinbo has a range of appliances that includes coffee makers. With the simple filter coffee machine, it lets the hot water pour through fresh coffee beans and into a glass kettle that rests on a hot plate. This black coffee can be prepared and left there to stay warm and had whenever needed.

The other machine that Sinbo has comes with more features, this is the kind of machine that lets you prepare a cappuccino or other more fancy cups of coffee that require a frothing attachment. These are more often the machines used in cafes. It is made with an Italian pump and has a double-sided steel filter.

The holder for the filter in this machine is made from an aluminium alloy. With a cauldron that is also diecast aluminium alloy.

Various machines let you produce a different amount of coffee cups, so one can change the settings based on their needs.

The price of Sinbo coffee makers is in an affordable mid-range.

Price List

Model Price
Sinbo SCM-2953 Coffee Maker With Official Warranty Rs. 6,499
Sinbo SCM-2953 Coffee Maker Rs. 6,370
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