Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosa Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosa in Pakistan is Rs.230 and estimated average price is Rs.335.


The Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosas are a great option to have along with other snacks for guests, especially if you have someone over who tends to avoid eating meat.


Having Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosas stored in your freezer is a great way to have snacks that can be made in minutes. If you are peckish or guests show up out of the blue, the Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosas would be a great go-to.

A lot of people prefer vegetable samosas over meat or potato ones. The vegetable mix inside is quite similar to a spring roll as ell. The shell becomes crispy once it is cooked and the vegetables inside are soft. You could eat your Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosas with different kinds of chutneys or sauces, adding a lot to the flavour.

Price List

Model Price
Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosa 420 grams Rs. 440
Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosa 210 grams Rs. 230
Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosa 420 GM Rs. 441
Simply Sufi Vegetable Roll 300 GM Rs. 230
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