Simply Sufi Plain Paratha Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Simply Sufi Plain Paratha in Pakistan is Rs.156 and estimated average price is Rs.439.


One of the standard food items, a paratha can be eaten with many different dishes or with eggs for your breakfast. The Simply Sufi Plain Paratha makes it very easy as the ready to cook paratha is cooked within minutes.


Simply Sufi Plain Parathas come in a box and can be kept frozen. One can take them out and fry them on the griddle (tawa) whenever needed. The paratha is a standard addition to food, it can be eaten with almost any kind of food from daal to keema to eggs. The crunchy paratha adds a lot to whatever one is eating it with.

The Simply Sufi Plain Parathas come in boxes and one can get the plain paratha that is for eating with other things or can be had with some jaggery (gur). The other options from SImply Sufi are their Potato Paratha or the Chicken Paratha. These have a stuffing that makes this a more filling snack you could eat with yoghurt or chutney.

Simply Sufi Plain Parathas are available for different prices, but within their own classes, they are relatively affordable.

Price List

Model Price
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 1600 grams Rs. 580
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 20 Pcs Rs. 581
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 5Pcs Rs. 156
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