Simply Sufi Gola Kabab Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Simply Sufi Gola Kabab in Pakistan is Rs.365 and estimated average price is Rs.612.


Ready to eat, the Simply Sufi Gola Kababs come in two different packs. One can choose the quantity that suits their needs. A tasty snack or side for your main dishes at mealtime, the Simply Sufi Gola Kabab is convenient to have in your freezer.


A pack of Simply Sufi Gola Kababs can make your life easy, a ready to eat food that only needs to be heated before it can be eaten. This makes it ideal if one has guests regularly or a larger household, it is also great for snacking on. The Simply Sufi Gola Kababs can be eaten in a lot of ways, they are enjoyable with just sauce or chutney as well.

The fact that these Simply Sufi Gola Kababs are frozen makes them great to store for longer than one could store other foods.

Gold kababs are essentially the same in flavour as seekh kababs but are round in shape as the name suggests. These gola kababs are made with mincemeat, some veggies and a tasty mix of spices to give them that much-loved flavour. The instructions to heat the Simply Sufi Gola Kababs are on the pack, prescribing a set time.

Price List

Model Price
Simply Sufi Gola Kabab 200 grams Rs. 365
Simply Sufi Gola Kabab 515 grams Rs. 860
Simply Sufi Gola Kabab 515 GM Rs. 860
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