Simply Sufi Badami Kofta Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Simply Sufi Badami Kofta in Pakistan is Rs.395 and estimated average price is Rs.632.


A traditional dish that can be bought as a ready to cook pack, for convenient cooking. The Simply Sufi Badami Kofta takes a lot less time to prepare as it is ready to cook.


If you tend to be short on time or have guests coming over regularly, the Simply Sufi Badami Kofta could be a lifesaver. The ready to cook frozen pack takes a lot less time compared to starting a dish from scratch.

The badami koftas have almonds, therefore, the name. This is a more lavish version of the simpler kofta in curry. The koftas are made from chicken with a fine mix of spices and veggies. The tasty badami kofta would add to any table it is presented upon.

The Simply Sufi Badami Kofta does not have preservatives and can be kept in the freezer for longer periods, but should not be there too long either.

Price List

Model Price
Simply Sufi Badami Kofta 810 grams Rs. 950
Simply Sufi Badami Kofta 300 grams Rs. 395
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