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The Lowest price of Silver Necklace in Pakistan is Rs.8,500 and estimated average price is Rs.33,899.


Silver is a precious metal that has been used in jewellery making for centuries. Today, silver jewellery refers to any ornament that is silver in colour and does not necessarily have to be made out of silver metal. Check out silver necklace prices in Pakistan as well as designs on this page and order from our trusted online sellers.


In Pakistan, silver jewellery is worn by both men and women and is liked for its shiny appearance. Though anyone can wear silver jewellery, it looks the best on people with neutral or cooler skin tones. Pure silver is expensive as it does not contain any other metals. It is also not ideal for jewellery as it is soft and pliable and cannot withstand the daily wear and tear. A more commonly used type for jewellery making is Sterling silver, that is an alloy of silver and copper, so it is a much more affordable and durable option than pure silver jewellery. Even more affordable options include silver metals. immensely 

Silver Vs Diamond Necklace

Silver jewellery is sparkly and can be made to replicate diamond jewellery any time. Moissanites and cubic zirconia or dazzling diamontes are embedded in silver or platinum to look like diamond necklaces. 

Platinum Vs Silver

Only an expert eye can tell platinum and silver jewellery apart. While they have the same grey undertone and silver colour, the main difference lies in the shine. Platinum is brighter and shines more, while silver is a bit duller in appearance and looks greyer than platinum. Platinum-plated silver jewellery or necklaces are highly sought after as they make the silver jewellery more durable and tarnish resistant.

Silver Necklace Set

For a complete set, a beautiful silver pendant necklace with matching earrings, bracelet and rings would make a perfect buy. The necklace can be plain, textured, have metal florets or studded with diamonds, gold beads, pearls, rhinestones and other precious gemstones etc. 

Health & Spiritual Benefits

Like other precious metals, silver is long known for possessing several health and spiritual benefits and has been a part of many cultures since ancient times. Wearing silver jewellery can keep infections at bay due to its antimicrobial agent fighting power. It is also known to prevent infections like cold, flu etc and accelerated wound healing. It is also great for bodily heat regulation and circulation. 

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Model Price
Beautiful silver necklace in 925 Sterling Silver Rs. 8,500
14K Rose Gold Finish Mens 3mm Sterling Silver Ten… Rs. 59,299
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