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Grow your online store with Shopsy Ads by driving qualified traffic to your platform with simple but powerful PPC advertising.

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Reach New Buyers

Target 1 Million monthly shoppers with high purchasing intent and introduce them to your product selection, brand and online store.

Boost Rankings & Sales

When you run a 'Promoted Products' campaign on Shopsy, your product rankings for all relevant search queries are boosted, fetching them higher visibility, clicks and sales.

Create Awareness

Use Call to Action (CTA) Banners for promoting brand awareness, app installs, deals & discounts or driving high intent traffic to a target URL.

Simple & Intuitive

Just set your daily budget and the amount you would like to pay per click. No keyword or audience targeting required. CPC bids start from just Rs. 2.

Measure Performance

View key metrics such as impressions, clicks, CPC and spend in a simple way to ensure a positive return on ad spend.


What is Shopsy Ads?

Shopsy Ads is a PPC advertising solution that helps online stores grow their business by promoting their brand & products on Shopsy.

What is PPC Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising is a form of digital marketing whereby advertisers only pay for the clicks their ad receives.

How much traffic does Shopsy receive?

Shopsy currently receives over 1 million shoppers per month with high purchasing intent.

What are Shopsy's traffic demographics?

The majority of Shopsy's traffic is below the age of 45 with a gender split of 33% women to 67% men.

How much does Shopsy Ads cost?

The Cost Per Click (CPC) on Shopsy Ads start from just Rs. 2 per click. Higher CPC Bids result in higher rankings, clicks and sales.

My store is already on Shopsy, why should I use Shopsy Ads?

It is free for online stores to be listed on Shopsy. Creating a 'Promoted Products' or 'CTA Banners' campaign helps stores get significantly more visibility, clicks and conversions.

How can I control the amount I spend?

Advertisers can control their spend by setting a daily budget for their campaigns. If the daily budget is reached, their campaign is paused for the day and resumes automatically the following day.

How will I track the results of my campaign?

You will be able to monitor important metrics such as impressions, clicks, average CPC and spend in your Campaign Dashboard. Sale conversion data will be viewable in your Google Analytics account.

Will any coding or integration be required?

No coding or integration is required to start using Shopsy Ads. It takes just minutes to set up a campaign and no prior knowledge of advertising is required.

Are there any restrictions to Shopsy Ads?

Online stores retailing the following product categories are not eligible to advertise on Shopsy: 1) Alcohol  2) Arms & weapons  3) Counterfeit goods  4) Drugs 5) Gambling 6) Medicines 7) Pornography 8) Tobacco

"Our products have received half a million impressions in the first week of our Shopsy Ads campaign at a spend of just Rs. 5,500"
Zohaib Essa
Director, Allure Beauty

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