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Climate change is a reality the world has seen taking an effect on the environment. Every citizen must contribute to helping resolve the emergency of waste pollution and actively help with waste management. Shopping markets and marts are not allowed by law to handout plastic shopping bags to their customers, they instead can charge a nominal fee for lightweight cotton or canvas tote bag to hold groceries.


Canvas Bag

It is recommended by the government to buy your own large bag made of sturdy, durable and easily storable canvas material to help carry shopping to the car and into the home. Canvas is usually made from cotton and linen through a machine weaving technique. These are easily made in wholesale bulk quantities in an infinite number of colours. The manufacturing of reusable shopping bags helps the environment by substituting the use of plastic.

These canvas shopping bags are great for carrying heavy groceries, shopping, books and anything else required to commute. Their durability ensures that heavier items can be carried for long periods of time, hung on the side of the motorbike or cycle without the bag ripping.

They can be personalised with iron-on prints or screen printing designs that show the users unique interests, personality and hobbies. They weigh between 8 oz and 24 oz making them adaptive to any activity or errand without worrying about wastage. Similar to a plastic shopping bag it has open a large opening with a pair of handles to hold the bag making it easy to carry around. 

Cotton Bags

The lightweight cotton shopping bags are for light errands that are done on the go. They can easily be stored in the car's dashboard, handbag or backpack as they are helpful in carrying a few things when necessary. Cheaper in price when compared to canvas bags but are intuitively used for multiple purposes from the gym, sports, work, shopping and housework.

Cotton is ideal for customization, as it a great surface for graphic heat transfer, iron-on designs and screen-printing art. For those looking to personalise their cotton bags, they can easily have threadwork and embroidery done to make it memorable enough to carry with you. Cotton bags are featherweight only 4 oz and 6 oz making them a little delicate when compared to canvas bags. 

Avoid Plastic Shopping Bags

Most reusable shopping bags are machine washable and easily hand-washed. They become as good as new when washed making them able to withstand some great deal of wear and tear as compared to plastic bags. A tip to ensuring that shopping bags remain fresh is to wash them in cold water. The renewable material used to make these shopping bags are biodegradable ensuring that they do not hurt the environment in the long run. Avoiding the use of harmful plastic bags is a priority in saving the planet. 

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Green Is Good Shopping Bag - Premier Home - SKU 1… Rs. 1,313
Country Kitchen Shopping Bag - Premier Home - SKU… Rs. 1,474
08.New Shopping Mobile Purse Lady Handbag Casual … Rs. 973
Jute Bag, Shopping Bag, Soft Handles, Tote Bag, w… Rs. 549
Pack of 1 kg Biodigradable Plastic Shopping Bags … Rs. 549
Magic Crossbody Bag Rolled Up Small Travel Shoppi… Rs. 345
Clothes bag shopping bags(perashout materil) Rs. 199
Women Foldable Reusable Shopping Bag Eco Handbag … Rs. 2,245
Pack of 12 Reusable Grocery Shopping Tote Bags, B… Rs. 969
Zipper PVC Shopping Bag Rs. 64
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