Shield Toothbrush Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Shield Toothbrush in Pakistan is Rs.51 and estimated average price is Rs.90.


The Sheild toothbrush range has specialized designs that offer protection from plaque, cavities, germs and bacteria. The variety of shapes and sizes of filaments, handles and colours make them a great choice for the whole family.


Sheild started their manufacturing of oral care products in 1975 and since then have expanded into creating affordable and high-quality baby care items such as feeder bottles and diapers. They have a strict policy of not using any hazardous and toxic materials in any of their product range. The material used in their products is imported and FDA approved. 

Sheild Toothbrush is made from food-grade plastic with an anti-slip covering on the handle for maximum grip. There is a tongue cleaner to quickly remove build-up using a small rubber sponge-like surface. The Soft Tip design is for sensitive teeth and gums that have gentle filaments that can comfortably remove plaque buildup on the teeth. Sheild offers antibacterial filaments that double protect the teeth by preventing the growth of bacteria on the brush.

The variety of filaments include curved, Nylon and hard versions depending on the condition of your teeth. There are special colourful designs for kids that make brushing teeth a fun activity. The kid's toothbrushes have fun suction feet that make them easy to stand on the sink counter. Sheild toothpaste is available in Cinnamon and Peppermint flavours that feel organic and natural.

Price List

Model Price
Shield Sensation Toothbrush Rs. 110
Shield Anti-Bac Soft Tooth Brush Rs. 64
Shield Anti-Bac Toothbrush Soft 1 Brush Rs. 111
Shield ProClean Toothbrush Medium 1 Brush Rs. 68
Shield Clarity Toothbrush Medium 1 Brush Rs. 85
Shield Tooth Brush 30mg Rs. 110
Shield Antibacterial Tooth Brush Rs. 85
Shield Flex Adult Toothbrush Rs. 65
Shield Clarity Tooth Brush Rs. 100
Shield Proclean Toothbrush Rs. 70
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