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The Lowest price of Shezan Juice in Pakistan is Rs.110 and estimated average price is Rs.165.


The largest local beverage brand in Pakistan, Shezan has many products including juices. Their juice range is diverse, covering many fruits. Available at nominal prices.


Shezan International

A brand dating back to 1964, Shezan International is based out of Lahore and owned by the Shahnawaz Group. It has multiple bottling plants all over Pakistan. The venture was initially a partnership, but later the Shahnawaz Group bought out the partners shares. Shezan produces many products, including beverages, pickles, jams and ketchups. It is the largest single grower of mangoes in the country, which is the raw produce for their iconic Shezan Mango juice.

Shezan juice

Aside from the classic Shezan Mango juice they have expanded their variety over the years. Today Shezan has the juice of many fruits available including grape, peach, pomegranate, apple, lychee, pineapple, strawberry and a mix fruit punch.

Shezan has different sizes and package options. Their juices are available in a bottle, as a mini packet for kids, a single serving size package and the larger ones for families.

Shezan as a brand is competitively priced, their juices are also in a similar pricing category.

Price List

Model Price
Shezan Happy Farms Juice Strawberry 1L Rs. 170
Shezan All Pure Grape Fruit Nectar, 1 Liter Rs. 180
Shezan All Pure Peach Fruit Nectar, 1 Liter Rs. 180
Shezan Juice Apple 1L Rs. 110
Shezan All Pure Strawberry Fruit Nectar, 1 Liter Rs. 180
Shezan Mango Juice 1 Ltr Rs. 170
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