Shalis Body Spray Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Shalis Body Spray in Pakistan is Rs.180 and estimated average price is Rs.402.


Remmy Marquis is a French perfume house that offers tropical and oriental perfume and body spray for men and women.


Shalis Body Spray has a blend of aromatic spice notes, botanical floral notes of Lavender, and darker notes of Amber that together create an aura of luxury. The spray can bottle is designed as an aerosol that even distributes the product on the body and can be target sprayed under the arms to prevent any unpleasant odour due to perspiration. The Shalis body spray can keep you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day during hot summer weather. The bottles are fashionable and affordable as Remmy Marquis is a lower mid-range design house that also offers 16 other fragrances for both men and women. 

Price List

Model Price
shalis body spray in pack of 1 in 75 ml high qual… Rs. 180
Shalis Women Body Spray Rs. 699
Shalis Body Spray For Men - 175 ml Rs. 600
Shalis Red Body Spray For Girls Women Ladies 200ml Rs. 289
Lattafa Khalis Musk Deodorant Body Spray For Men … Rs. 425
Lattafa Khalis Oudi Deodorant Body Spray For Men … Rs. 425
Remy Marquis Shalis Man Body Spray Rs. 479
Shalis Body spray Rs. 249
Shalis For Women Body Spray 175ml Rs. 450
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