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The Lowest price of Shakarganj Foods in Pakistan is Rs.1,260 and estimated average price is Rs.1,260.


Shakarganj Foods specialise in wholesome and premium products that include dairy, juice and condiments. The Shakarganj Mills Limited was originally a wite and brown sugar business that has expanded into various food categories in Pakistan.


Shakarganj Dairy Products 

Hygienically packaged in a variety of sizes the premium dairy brands by Shakarganj Foods include Good Milk and Dairy Pure that use Ultra-high temperature processing called UHT that ensures all bacteria is sterilized leaving wholesome nutritious plain milk safe to consume by children and adults. Their dairy products are essential building blocks for the body that have a rich source of Minerals, Proteins and Vitamins that help the child to develop physically and cognitively. The cream is called Pure Cream and it is also made from UHT processing that ensures that 32% of rich milk fat is retained in the final product. Milk and cream are used every day in households for directly consuming, baking, desserts, adding to tea and topping snacks with cream. 

To make having milk fun and enjoyable for kids they launched Oolala! A brand that has flavours added to plain milk. Parents can ensure that their kids have calcium, proteins, vitamin A, D & B12 by offering them tasty and fun 180ml and 235ml milk drinks in Mango, Strawberry, Banana, Pista-Badam and Badam-Zaffran flavours. There is also a Chocolicious drink that is a chocolate flavoured milk drink to boost energy with a great taste available in the only 180ml.  There are two tea whitening brands by Shakarganj called Chaika and Qudrat made with UHT processing; they are available in liquid form that quickly mixes into chair and tea without disrupting the original taste of the brew.  

Shakarganj Juice Products 

No matter what season the juice brand by Shakarganj have all your favourite flavours ready to pour into a glass for kids and adults. They have Chaunsa, 100% Orange, Red Grape, Green Apple, Anwar Ratol, Langra, and Dusehri that are enjoyed by Pakistanis all year round. The packaging is available in both single-serving 200ml and 1 Litre box to share with the whole family. The juice brands for kids are called Mini JOOSE that have a smaller serving of 125ml in a hygienically sealed tetra pack box. The Refresh brand has fun flavours of Mango, Apple, Punch, Anaar & Guava available in a stylish 1 Litre Prisma Pack as well as a single serving of 200ml.

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Good Milk (1Ltrs*12) Rs. 1,260
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