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Among brands that make men's traditional wear on finds Shahsawar Suiting. All about giving you the option of classic styles or classic styles with a new twist to them. This is done by adding different kinds of pockets, piping and trims. The price of the various collections are in an affordable range.


Shahsawar Suiting produces traditional wear for men. With shalwar kameez, sherwanis and waistcoats in their catalogue. The colour options vary a lot so everyone can find something they like.

The styles are either simple classic ones or have more modern touches added to them. These include things such as extra pockets, piping or trims. With some designs, these are in different colours to add contrast. The brand's logo is also featured as an embroidered addition to the kameez.

The main fabric used by Shahsawar is cotton as it is a great option for comfortable clothes that are also breathable. Pima cotton is what the brand uses, a type of cotton with a longer fibre, making it softer to the touch.


Price-wise, Shahsawar Suiting is a relatively affordable brand to purchase from.

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