Sensodyne Mouth Wash Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Sensodyne Mouth Wash in Pakistan is Rs.529 and estimated average price is Rs.569.


Sensodyne Mouth Wash is designed for people who may have sensitive teeth and gums. It is gentler but gets the work done, keeping your oral hygiene in a good state.


Sensodyne specialises in gentler care for oral health, with toothpaste and mouth washes that do not agitate people who have sensitive teeth or gums.

The Sensodyne Mouth Wash kills germs, keeps the breath fresh and also reduces the chances of cavities forming. Generally, mouthwash can be overwhelming for someone who has sensitive gums or teeth, the Sensodyne Mouth Wash is gentle making sure one does not experience pain.

This mouth wash even has potassium nitrate added so it helps build protection around the nerve. 

A lot of people use mouth wash after they brush to get any last residual germs or food particles. In the case of a hurry people also use mouth wash as a quick clean.

Price List

Model Price
SENSODYNE Mouthwash Cool Mint 500ml Rs. 529
Sensodyne Mouthwash For Sensitivity Relief ,500 ML Rs. 580
Sensodyne Cool Mint Mouth Wash 500ml Rs. 550
Sensodyne cool mint long lasting mouth wash 500 m… Rs. 540
Sensodyne Sensodyne Mouth Wash Menthe Fraiche 500… Rs. 567
Sensodyne Sensodyne Cool Mint Mouth Wash 500ml Rs. 651
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