Sencor Vita Fryer Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Sencor Vita Fryer in Pakistan is Rs.14,499 and estimated average price is Rs.35,573.


The Sencor Vita Fryer is an air fryer that is a great way to make sure your frying is as healthy as possible. Air fryers use way less oil compared to frying on the pan or in a deep fryer.

Pros & Cons


  • Healthier option for frying


  • Non-stick material has forever chemicals


With a Sencor Vita Fryer is an air fryer that would allow you to fry your food with minimal oil.

For people who want to look after their health, the Sencor Vita Fryer is a great choice. Reducing your oil intake reduces a lot of the fats we consume. Compared to a regular deep fryer or frying in the pan, an air fryer uses a fraction of the oil. The frying process is done with hot air and during this the extra oil and fat drips off.

The frying basket that holds foods has a tray below it to gather all the oil that drips. Made with nonstick material the frying basket does not get food stuck and is also easy to clean. There are simple knobs that let you set the temperature and timer. This makes sure your food is done right and does not burn.

A safety feature makes sure the basket cannot be removed when it is on. With an air filter, the Sencor Vita Fryer makes sure that one does not have extra smells.

Price List

Model Price
Sencor SFR-3220WH vita fryer Rs. 16,322
Sencor SFR 3220WH Vita Air Fryer Rs. 36,798
Sencor Vita Air Fryer SFR-3220WH Rs. 14,499
Sencor Vita Air Fryer SFR 3220WH Rs. 46,800
Sencor Vita Air Fryer SFR6100 bk Rs. 63,450
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