Sencor Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Sencor Vacuum Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs.13,300 and estimated average price is Rs.26,701.


A need for faster cleaning, vacuum cleaners are especially useful for carpeted homes as carpets gather a lot of dust. Sencor has various options available, one can choose based on what suits their space and needs. The prices are from a lower end to mid range.


Sencor is a Japanese brand with a lot of appliances and electronics. The brand has vacuum cleaners of various kinds that one can choose from.

A vacuum cleaner makes it super easy to gather up the dust in your spaces. The sizes vary as do the power ratings, one can get a handheld vacuum for smaller messes and the larger ones with wheels to go over their whole space. Sencor even has some models that can handle dry and wet both, this lets you vacuum spilt liquid as well.

Certain models are bagless, this makes cleaning out your vacuum more simple. One needs to keep the inside clean so the vacuum cleaner can work efficiently. If you have a very large space to clean, giving it a break might be a good idea as it will heat up and possibly get damaged over longer periods with the repetitive stress.

The price of Sencor vacuum cleaners goes from low to mid-range, this makes them relatively affordable.

Price List

Model Price
Sencor Vacuum Cleaner SVC730GR Rs. 27,300
Sencor Vacuum Cleaner SVC 52GR Rs. 13,300
Sencor SVC 190B Vacuum Cleaner Rs. 14,498
Sencor Bagged & Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (SVC 900) Rs. 35,163
Sencor SVC 730GR Vacuum Cleaner Rs. 29,342
Sencor Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners SVC 3001 Rs. 29,358
Sencor Bagless Vacuum Cleaner SVC 730RD Rs. 16,781
Sencor Bagless Vacuum Cleaner SVC 730GR Rs. 16,781
Sencor SVC 45RD Vacuum Cleaner Rs. 21,298
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