Sencor Hand Mixer Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Sencor Hand Mixer in Pakistan is Rs.4,418 and estimated average price is Rs.9,108.


A great tool for the kitchen a hand mixer can help with a bunch of repetitive tasks. Sencor also produces options that one can choose from. The prices are towards the lower end, making them affordable.


A hand mixer is helpful in the kitchen with tasks that would take more time otherwise. The Sencor brand also produces options for hand mixers.

One could use the Sencor hand mixer to whip eggs, mix cake batter or cookie dough, and use it to make icing or salad dressing. Doing these things manually would take a lot longer and with a Sencor hand mixer, the time would be cut by a lot.

In case you are trying to churn butter, you could also use a hand mixer for that. This is a tedious task and could take a long time, exhausting your arm and hand. With a hand mixer, this would be a lot easier.

There are different attachments on the front of the Sencor hand mixer, one can use the attachment that is made for the task they want to execute. These hand mixers also have speed settings to get the right kind of texture for what you are trying to do.

The price of Sencor hand mixers is in an affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
Sencor Hand Blender With Dual Blade, SHB-4260WH, … Rs. 11,200
Sencor Hand Blender, Quat Blade, 800W, SHB-4359BK Rs. 7,700
Sencor Hand Mixer (SHM 5206WH) Rs. 7,607
Sencor Hand Mixer SHM6203SS Rs. 9,600
Sencor MRM Hand Mixer SHM5205 M Rs. 9,700
Sencor Hand Blender (SHB 4359BK) Rs. 7,131
Sencor Hand Mixer SHM5205 M Rs. 9,700
Sencor Food Hand Mixer 3016 Rs. 17,300
Sencor Hand Mixer SHM5270 Rs. 9,800
Westpoint Hand Mixer (WF-9501) Rs. 4,418
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