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The Lowest price of Selfie Stick in Pakistan is Rs.106 and estimated average price is Rs.3,557.


Selfie sticks are an easy way to hold up your smartphone camera further away from you to get a larger frame. Making it easy to fit in more people in a picture. Also helpful if you want to get more of the background in the frame. Simple functionality makes it an easy to use accessory.

Pros & Cons


  • Banned in some spaces


How it came into existence

The selfie stick was created long before the front-facing camera was even thought of as smartphones were not in existence. With the older versions dying out in obscurity the selfie stick we know today was patented in 2005 by Wayne Fromm. A Canadian inventor who called his version the Quik Pod.

A phenomenon

In less than a decade after that, the selfie stick was available all over the world from the most high-end electronics stores to street-hawkers, given that range of availability the price range and quality are just as varied. One can extend their arm only so much so the selfie stick was created to be able to hold the phone further and get in more people in a shot or even more of the background view. This was also why it has been such a hit with tourists internationally. Which has also led to some places banning the selfie sticks even just for nuisance value so be careful where you use it.

How the variants function

Today the selfie stick is still produced by an endless number of brands and available in just as many colours. The ones with a wire that fixes into a port on the smartphone so you can click the button to take a shot. Or the Bluetooth ones that also have a battery and let smartphones link up wirelessly to achieve the same. The prices between these 2 types do vary naturally. Which you pick is a matter of what kind of convenience you want and of course the budget you have set.

Price List

Model Price
Long Foldable Wired Remote Selfie Stick Adjustabl… Rs. 380
Rock Big Mirror Iphone Extendable Selfie Stick Ho… Rs. 899
Yunteng YT 1288 Mobile Selfie Stick with Bluetoot… Rs. 999
Rock Big Mirror Iphone Extendable Selfie Stick Ho… Rs. 1,115
Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Rs. 949
Selfie Stick For Android & Iphone Rs. 600
Selfie Stick For Smartphones & Digital Cameras-Pi… Rs. 499
Selfie Stick For Mobile and Camera Rs. 369
Selfie Stick (Blue Tooth) For Smartphones Rs. 799
ROCK Mirror Selfie Stick Large For iPhones Lighti… Rs. 899
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