Security Cameras Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Security Cameras in Pakistan is Rs.11,899 and estimated average price is Rs.73,957.


A security camera is a simple way to keep an eye on your spaces. There are many different versions, some come with a set of multiple cameras while others are stand-alone units. The prices vary depending on the specific features a security camera has and the brand it is from. There are options that are in the lower ranges to others which cost a lot.


Security Cameras

An easy way to keep an eye on your space is via security cameras. These are also known colloquially as CCTV cameras.

There are many different versions available today that have their own set of features. Given that we are in the age of wireless devices, WiFi-based security cameras have become a common availability. With these ones, one can access the visuals over their smartphone from pretty much anywhere in the world. These are also used to keep an eye on work staff if needed.

There are also security camera versions that are set up with the main console that has hard drives which are recorded onto. They keep a certain amount of time depending on how one has set the system up. Once the space starts to fill up the system deletes old footage, this could be footage from the past month or week.

Standalone security cameras can have an SD card in them for storage. One can choose the amount of space they would need and get the card that works for them.

Other features

Most if not all security cameras today have high-quality video, one could get anything from 720p to 4K or more. A lot also feature the infrared beams so that they have night vision as well.

Depending on what security camera you purchase, it is also possible to move it around remotely from your smartphone. You could also choose one that has a two-way communication system, with a small speaker built onto the camera so the people can hear you at that end.

Motion detection is also available to customers, this means the camera will start recording only when something or someone moves; also sending a notification to you when that does happen.


As a lot of security cameras are placed outside as well, the cameras are made to be weather resistant. This means there is higher durability and your camera can handle the various weather patterns around the year.

The brands producing security cameras are many, with the known ones including Google's Nest, Xiaomi Mi, Hikvision, Canary, WD, Brickhouse, D-Link and Garmin to name only a few

The prices of security cameras vary a lot. This largely depends on the specific type and brand; a system with multiple cameras from a good brand would cost a lot while a stand-alone camera from Xiaomi Mi could be in the lower-mid ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Pollo CCTV 8 Cameras Package - 2MP 1080P Rs. 44,500
Dahua 2MP (1080P) 8 HD CCTV Cameras Package Rs. 37,600
Ring Stick Up Wired Indoor/Outdoor HD Camera Rs. 43,299
Logitech Circle 2 Home Security Camera - Multi-Pa… Rs. 112,299
Vivotek C Series 5MP Outdoor Dome Camera (FD8382-… Rs. 86,949
Vivotek V Series 2MP Outdoor Dome Camera (FD8367A… Rs. 57,349
Vivotek V Series 2MP Outdoor Vandal Resistant Cam… Rs. 57,349
Vivotek C Series 5MP Outdoor Vandal Resistant Cam… Rs. 67,249
Vivotek C Series 2MP Outdoor Dome Camera (FD836B-… Rs. 46,349
Bosch DINION IP Bullet 4000 720p IR Camera with M… Rs. 81,549
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