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Another iteration of wheeled toys to ride such as rollerblades and skateboards. Built from sturdy materials so it lasts and can handle the bumps or falls. Available in variations of 2, 3 or 4 wheels and also possible differently functioning brakes.


The scooty phenomenon

Essentially a variation of a skateboard with a handlebar making it a tad easier to balance; the scooty has been around for quite a while. With earlier versions made by kids themselves and later the metal body ones we have come to know started getting produced. In the 2000s a brand called Razor launched a scooty that sold over 5 million units within the first 6 months! This was also around the time that the scooty made a comeback and became more commercially famous all over the world.

Build and related limitations

Made from different materials which commonly include aluminium, titanium and steel. These are hardy and usually last a long while. Scooties are not too difficult to ride so a lot more people can enjoy them, the more common concern being the need for a flat surface because even a relatively small stone could make it topple over. Another kind of model has larger wheels, these ones can better handle slightly more rough terrain. Some scooties have a three-wheel tripod configuration and some even come with 4 wheels, 2 in front and 2 at the back. 


The braking mechanism is built onto the rear wheel so the foot one is using it to kick-propel can also be used to step onto the break which slows you down. There are versions that have a brake lever on the handlebar akin to a bicycle. 

Age groups and caution while riding

These aren't just for kids The handlebar's height with some models is adjustable so older people can use them too.  It is recommended that the rider wear a helmet to ensure safety.

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