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The Lowest price of Scientific Calculator in Pakistan is Rs.325 and estimated average price is Rs.2,909.


Scientific calculators are designed to perform more complex functions ahead of multiplication, addition, subtraction and division. They are useful for solving things such as algebra. The price of a scientific calculator depends on the model and its number of features.


Scientific Calculator

A calculator that is designed to undertake more complex calculations. Although there is much variation based on the models and brands, the major functions that are similar among many scientific calculators include scientific notation, floating-point arithmetic, logarithmic functions, using both base 10 and base e, trigonometric functions (some including hyperbolic trigonometry), exponential functions and roots beyond the square root and quick access to constants such as pi and e.

Certain scientific calculators that are more high end have added functions which can include cursor controls to edit equations and view previous calculations, hexadecimal, binary, and octal calculations, including basic Boolean math, complex numbers, fractions calculations, statistics and probability calculations, programmability, equation solving, matrix calculations, calculus, letters that can be used for spelling words or including variables into an equation, conversion of units and physical constants. 

Commonly found in educational institutions, labs and some offices depending on the nature of the work. There are many calculations that would require one. 


Scientific calculators are produced by many brands, the most known among them are Casio and Texas Instruments.

The price of a scientific calculator depends on how many features it has and the brand that produced it. Generally belonging to a lower or mid-range price.

Price List

Model Price
Scientific Calculator FX-82ex Classwiz Original Rs. 2,899
Scientific Calculator - fx991ES PLUS Rs. 1,300
Delii Scientific Calculator 12 Digit 240 Function… Rs. 1,299
Scientific Calculator 82 ES plus Rs. 698
Deli - ED991ES-417F Scientific Calculator Textboo… Rs. 3,517
Pack Of 4 Pcs Set - 1 Pcs Fx 991 ES Scientific Ca… Rs. 2,499
Scientific Calculator JS.82MS-5 Rs. 1,299
10 Digits Scientific Calculator Pocket Calculator… Rs. 325
Scientific Calculator - 240 Functions - 2 Line Di… Rs. 599
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