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The Lowest price of Sateen Soft in Pakistan is Rs.100 and estimated average price is Rs.401.


Sateen Soft is known for manufacturing wipes out of 100% pure cotton in Pakistan. Majority of the rivals use wood pulp and by-products to curate their tissue papers. Sateen Soft is owned by Ihsan Sons a prominent Pakistani manufacturer and exporter of bleached absorbent cotton and nonwoven fabrics. You can choose from a wide variety and check out Sateen Soft prices in Pakistan on this page.


Product Line

The brand offers a range of dry wipes for use in the kitchen, home, office, car, makeup removal, table napkins and also mini packs for carrying in the pocket. The brand also houses high-quality cotton wipes for babies that can be used dry or wet by dipping in warm water. They are soft on your baby's skin and cause no rashes or irritation. All these wipes are packed in attractive looking sleek cardboard boxes and the kitchen rolls come in transparent plastic wraps.

Quality & Durability

Wipes and tissue papers by Sateen Soft are considered soft, durable and non-allergenic as the brand refrains from using any artificial fragrances or chemicals. They are also not easy to tear and won't dissolve when used wet or while wiping sweat, unlike traditional tissue papers. While using them you can feel the lint-free softness of cotton without any fuzz or fluff and there also won't be any residue on your skin as with regular wipes. The brand claims Sateen Soft tissues to be 3 times stronger and durable than regular ones.

Safety Profile

Sateen Soft wipes are curated out of 100% cotton, making them one of the most organic wipes in Pakistan. Since no wood pulp or chemicals are involved, they are considered biodegradable and environmentally friendly. These wipes are dermatologically tested to be non-allergenic and cause no irritation or skin problems. They are also great and safe for babies and do not contain irritating fragrance etc.

Price List

Model Price
Fitted Sheet Color White Soft Sateen Shiny Look Rs. 900
Sateen Soft All Rounder Large Tissue Rs. 264
Fitted Sheet Color White Soft Sateen Shiny Look Rs. 1,200
Sateen Soft Lifestyle Wipe It Right Tissue Black Rs. 204
Sateen Soft Wipe it Right Executive (Floral) Rs. 275
Sateen Soft Popup Pack - Lifestyle Black Rs. 200
Sateen Soft Popup Pack - Lifestyle Rs. 160
Sateen Soft Cotton Wipes Roll Large (All Rounder) Rs. 260
Sateen Soft Car Pack F1-50s Rs. 100
Sateen Soft Xtra Kleen Kitchen Towel Rs. 159
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