Sasso Olive Oil Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Sasso Olive Oil in Pakistan is Rs.495 and estimated average price is Rs.1,769.


A brand of olive oil producers that has been in the business for over a century. Sasso has a few different grades of olive oil available, one can choose depending on what they are looking for. The prices of Sasso olive oil in Pakistan are mid-tear.


The Sasso brand

Sasso olive oil is imported from Italy. This brand has been in the business of olive oil since 1860 and offers genuine oil that is extracted using methods that are the culmination of over a century of production. They have a few varieties of olive oil.

The basics about olive oil 

This oil is extracted from the fruit of the olive tree; which was originally native to ancient Persia and Mesopotamia, later making its way to the Mediterranean Basin. Certain historians argue that Egypt was the first place of cultivation of said tree. Spain is the largest producer today, making up 50% of the international market; the other large producers are Greece, Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia and Syria.

Grades of olive oil

There are a few different grades that are rated by the International Olive Council, most countries adhere to these standards. These are built around the 'free oleic acid' levels, this is not similar to chemical acidity. These levels include extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, refined olive oil and pomace olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is extracted using the cold press method, without any solvent or refining methods and has no more than 0.8% free acidity. This grade has a better taste; retaining some of the fruitiness. Virgin olive oil has a free acidity level of 2.0%, the taste is still quite unsoiled but it is not as whole as extra virgin olive oil.

Refined olive oil is called that as it is refined using charcoal and chemical and physical filters. Oils labelled as pure olive oil or just olive oil are primarily refined olive oils, with a slight addition of virgin olive oil for taste. The last is pomace olive oil, this is the last stage of extraction from the fruit. This is done by using solvents once the initial pressing is done and the remaining oil can no longer be extracted via the press.

Pomace olive oil has a more neutral flavour which is why, again, some virgin olive oil is added. This grade is used in cooking more commonly as it has a higher smoke point but sill has the same health benefits.

Uses and benefits of olive oil

Over the centuries olive oil has been used mostly for cooking, either as dressing or the frying of other foods. It has also been used as a medication or as a health supplement. People recommend it for constipation and some studies suggest regular intake of about 2 tablespoons helps one avoid coronary heart disease and strokes. It is known to have some anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Apart from this, it has been used in cosmetics and for soaps as it is a good moisturizing agent. People apply it to their hair as well, for improving growth and promoting scalp health. Another such use is putting it in one's ear to help clean and maintain the internal health. A more rare use today is as a fuel for lamps. Certain religions also make use of olive oil in some of their ceremonies.

As with any oil or food substance, over usage can be unhealthy.


The Sasso olive oil brand is a reputable one with prices that are mid-range in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Sasso Olive Oil, Bottle, 500ml Rs. 1,825
Sasso Olive Oil, Bottle, 1000ml Rs. 3,100
Sasso Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bottle, 500ml Rs. 1,875
Sasso Oilve Oil 1000ml Tin Rs. 3,150
Sasso Olive Oil 400ml Rs. 1,450
Sasso Olive Oil 100ml Rs. 495
Sasso Olive Oil 200ml Tin Rs. 880
Sasso Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bottle, 250ml Rs. 1,220
Sasso Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bottle, 1000ml Rs. 3,225
Sasso Olive Oil, 250ml, Bottle Rs. 1,150
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