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The Lowest price of Sandwich Maker in Pakistan is Rs.2,046 and estimated average price is Rs.5,121.


Sandwich makers save time and money, as it prepares warm toasted sandwiches independently.  Panasonic, Geepas, Kenwood, Westpoint, Annex and many other companies offer sandwich makers that are readily available online in Pakistan at an affordable price range. The price point of a sandwich maker changes according to the company, features and durability of each model. Sandwich makers are a great addition in helping mothers, professionals and home cooks in preparing meals quicker and tastier than when prepared in regular toasters. 



The cafe and restaurant culture in Pakistan is growing, people enjoy having their breakfast and lunch at deli-style eateries and chic coffee places. Sandwich makers are able to create a gourmet-style taste from the comfort of your home. The item popularly ordered in Pakistani hotels and restaurants is the club sandwich or the grilled panini. A sandwich maker will be able to hold the bread along with all the filling between two iron plates designed to interlock to warm up the sandwich. Restaurant styled sandwiches can be made in minutes without needing any expertise of a master cook.  

Making Snacks in Minutes

The cheese toast that is commonly had but melting cheese on top of the bread as two separate slices will be transformed by a sandwich maker. This quick snack made for children and adults will now be like a calzone enclosed with cheese and tomatoes. Ideal to send as a school lunch snack or office lunch, making these snacks will take no effort or time in the morning. 

Evolution of the Sandwich Maker

Sandwich makers have evolved over the decades to become a user-friendly kitchen assistant to mothers and working professionals, who need to save time preparing meals for family and the office. The non-stick layer inside the sandwich allows users to easily butter and oil their sandwiches. The crisp and crunch added to the bread will make sandwiches taste better and more satisfying.

Sandwich makers have heat temperature control features that allow users to create sandwiches at the perfect settings. Bring the restaurant home by adding a sandwich maker to your kitchen. They are now capable of loading two breakfast sandwiches at the same time, large families can take advantage of preparing breakfast for up to 4 people in 5 minutes.

Users can load eggs, cheese, sauces and other items into their sandwich and not worry about any leakage as the sandwich maker lid ensures everything locked in perfectly. The timer and LED indicators are built into the machine to make sure nothing gets overcooked or burnt. Sandwich makers will also have an added sound to the timer so that you can work on preparing other items while you wait for your sandwich.

Dishwasher Friendly 

Advanced sandwich makers will have removable parts that can be easily hand washed or put into the dishwasher.

Price List

Model Price
Super Asia Sandwich Maker SS3200 Rs. 4,400
Super Asia Sandwich Maker SS3536 Rs. 6,500
EcoStar Sandwich Maker Rs. 3,900
Philips Panini Maker HD2394/91 Rs. 4,350
Dawlance Sandwich Maker 7900 Rs. 5,700
WestPoint Sandwich Maker WF6293 Rs. 9,000
Aardee Sandwich Maker 706S Rs. 5,650
Aardee Sandwich Maker 712S Rs. 5,450
Aardee Sandwich Maker 751G Rs. 3,700
WestPoint Sandwich Maker WF6697 Rs. 6,600
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