Samyang Noodles Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Samyang Noodles in Pakistan is Rs.460 and estimated average price is Rs.835.


Instant noodles are made by many brands, Samyang is a Korean brand that has a variety of instant noodles. The flavours are many, with some that are very spicy. The price of Samyang noodles is relatively expensive, compared to other options.


Samyang, a brand from Korea, produces various noodles. The flavours one can choose from for their ramen are many, with a major difference being the spice levels. Other variations are additions like corn and kimchi; in Pakistan, there are fewer options from the brand compared to what they actually have available.

Instant noodles like the ones from Samyang make for a very tasty snack and one which takes minutes to prepare. The noodles literally need just hot water to be ready in a few minutes.

Samyang noodles are relatively expensive when it comes to instant noodles, this is due to them being a foreign brand and imported.

Price List

Model Price
Samyang Chicken Flavour Noodles 2X Spicy Hot Chi… Rs. 1,290
Samyangs Ramen 1X Spicy Chicken Noodles Ramenn Rs. 485
Samyang Noodles Jjajang Rs. 499
New Samyang korean hot chicken Flavour ramen ha… Rs. 549
[email protected] 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen KOREAN … Rs. 890
Samyang Carbo Flavour Ramen Noodles (Pack of 3) Rs. 1,485
Samyang Noodles Buldak Kimchi Rs. 499
Samyang (Red-Black-Mini-Combo) 2 Pieces of(1 Red … Rs. 999
Samyang Noodles 3x Spicy Rs. 599
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