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Salt Lamps Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Salt Lamps in Pakistan is Rs.1,100 and estimated average price is Rs.2,173.


These lamps are made entirely from Himalayan salt and have a low-watt bulb fitted inside them, giving off a soft pinkish glow. It is said salt lamps have health benefits, which is why a lot of people use them aside from the ambience they create. Salt lamps are available at lower end rates, it would have to be quite a large lamp for it to be expensive.


Salt Lamps

There are many different designs and sizes of salt lamps that one can find. Made entirely of Himalayan salt and fitted with a low-watt bulb, these lamps give off a reddish-pink glow.

Salt lamps make for great ambient lighting, with some that are a round and look like a pink moon.

Effects of salt lamps

There are claims by people who promote a holistic lifestyle that salt lamps are good for the health. They say that these lamps help with one's mood, improve sleep, improve breathing for asthmatics, ease allergies, clean the air and more. This is due to the salt apparently releasing negative ions into the space which get rid of particles in the air.

Research to back these claims isn't easily available so people debate this aspect of salt lamps.


Many people do say their salt lamps make them feel better, whether this is placebo or is real has yet to be ascertained.

The price of salt lamps is nominal in Pakistan as we have one of the largest salt mines in the world, but the larger it is the more it costs.

Price List

Model Price
Himalayan Salt Lamp - Rectangular Rs. 2,399
Himalayan Salt Lamp Cube Shaped Rs. 2,099
Himalayan Salt Lamp - Round Rs. 2,599
Himalayan Salt Lamp - Ewer Lamp Rs. 2,499
Himalayan Salt Lamp - Diamond Rs. 2,499
Himalayan Salt Lamp - Square Candle Rs. 1,299
Himalayan Salt Lamp (MOON) Rs. 2,000
Himalayan Glow USB Heart Multicolor Salt Lamp wit… Rs. 1,959
XXL-Large Pure Organic Himalayan Salt Lamp Natura… Rs. 1,649
Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp, Dimmable Table Lamp (5-… Rs. 1,819
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