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Salman Khan Bracelet Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Salman Khan Bracelet in Pakistan is Rs.200 and estimated average price is Rs.250.


The popular Indian film star Salman Khan is always seen wearing a bracelet that was gifted to him by his father. Salman Khan is one of the biggest names in Bollywood and has a huge fanbase. Whatever he does or wears becomes an instant trend just like his "Being Human" T-shirts and his blue bracelet.


His fans adopt the same fashion to show their loyalty to the star, hence the popularity of his bracelet. Read on for more details and check out Salman Khan bracelet prices in Pakistan on this page.

The Bracelet

Salman Khan wears a silver chain bracelet with an oval-shaped Turquoise gemstone called Feroza in Urdu. It is a pure stone and also one of the rarest and most valued gems in the world. Salman Khan considers the bracelet as his lucky charm and believes in the strong powers of the Turquoise gemstone and the good that it has brought to his life.

Benefits of Feroza Stone

For thousands of years, Feroza stone has been used as a decorative item or ornament and is considered to possess healing qualities, like all pure stones. Experts believe that these pure gems have energy that gets transferred into the body of the wearer and brings physical as well as metaphysical benefits. It brings tranquillity, peace, balance and prosperity. Feroza is known to repel evil or misfortunate events like theft, accidents or unwanted incidents. 

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Price List

Model Price
Salman Khan Style Bracelet For Men - Silver Rs. 200
Silver Salman Khan Bracelet for Men Rs. 300
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