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Saeed Ajmal Perfumes Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Saeed Ajmal Perfumes in Pakistan is Rs.1,384 and estimated average price is Rs.1,691.


Saeed Ajmal is a local brand that also produces fragrances, a lot of which are unisex. They are of the 'attar' variety, which also means they do not have any alcohol in them, which is sometimes a reason for concern in Pakistan.


A Pakistani brand, Saeed Ajmal produces clothing and fragrances of the attar variety as well. Saeed Ajmal has been producing these perfumes since 1888. Attar uses the oils from various botanical sources; the oils are extracted from flowers, herbs or the bark. The combinations define the smell.

One of the biggest differences with attar is that it is without any alcohol and is thus also concentrated. This also means only a small quantity needs to be used and is often applied just below the ears on the neck or on the inside of the wrists.

Saeed Ajmal's perfumes come in small vials as they are in the concentrated form. This does also make them easy to carry with one.


The price of Saeed Ajmal's perfumes is in the very accessible ranges.

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Model Price
Saeed Ajmal 4.25 Meter Wash N Wear Unstitched Fab… Rs. 2,307
Saeed Ajmal 2.25 Meter Wash N Wear Unstitched Fab… Rs. 1,384
Saeed Ajmal 2.25 Meter Wash N Wear Unstitched Fab… Rs. 1,384
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