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The Lowest price of Sabroso Gola Kabab in Pakistan is Rs.580 and estimated average price is Rs.743.


Sabroso produces various chicken treats. The gola kabab is a round-shaped kabab that is made with fresh ingredients and spices. It is similar in taste to a seekh kabab, but a different shape. The prices are affordable for either of the packs.


Gola kabab is a round-shaped kabab that is very similar to a seekh kabab in taste, the difference being the shape. Sabroso produces ready to eat gola kababs in a packet that one can purchase and freeze.

Sabroso gola kababs are made with fresh mint, ginger, onion and garlic. A mix of spices is also added. There is salt and vegetable oil as well.

These gola kababs are frozen, one needs to thaw them and then either heat them over a lightly oiled pan or heat them in the microwave. That is all, once they are heated they are ready to be eaten.

Sabroso gola kababs come as a pack of 9 or 23, one can choose based on how many people they need to serve. The prices are competitive, making this an affordable food.

Price List

Model Price
Sabroso Gola Kabab, Chicken, 23 Pieces, 515g Rs. 900
Sabroso Gola Kabab Economy Pack Rs. 580
Sabroso Chicken Gola Kabab 515 Gm Rs. 751
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