Sabroso Chicken Kofta Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Sabroso Chicken Kofta in Pakistan is Rs.615 and estimated average price is Rs.659.


Sabroso produces food items made from chicken that are easy to prepare. One can also get koftas from the brand that can be added to the kofta curry of your making. The prices are economical.


Sabroso has a range of ready to eat and another range that is ready to cook. The Sabroso chicken koftas fall in the latter category.

To prepare these koftas, you need to first make a kofta curry. Once the curry is done add the slightly thawed koftas to it and cook till ready. If you would like to have the Sabroso chicken koftas as a snack you can deep fry them. Heat the oil to 170 Celcius and fry slightly thawed koftas for 5 minutes or till they are brown.

One must cook in the ways recommended or the outside will be cooked and the inside will be raw. Keeping the time and temperature well-sorted is important for this.

Sabroso chicken koftas are available for affordable prices. One gets a box that has 27 to 29 pieces in it.

Price List

Model Price
Sabroso Chicken Kofta, 27-29 Pieces, 800g Rs. 780
Sabroso Saver Chicken Burger Patties 1KG Rs. 615
Sabroso Saver Chicken Chapli Kebab 888GM Rs. 615
Sabroso Saver Chicken Kofta 900GM Rs. 626
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