Sabroso Chapli Kabab Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Sabroso Chapli Kabab in Pakistan is Rs.318 and estimated average price is Rs.597.


A brand all about chicken, Sabroso has many treats that are easy to prepare, including chapli kababs. One can get two different pack sizes based on their needs.


Sabroso makes a lot of different foods from chicken, from nuggets to samosas to patties and different types of kababs.

Among the kabab options, one can also find tasty chapli kababs. These kababs are made with fresh onion, green chilli, salt and mixed spices. There is also vegetable oil, wheat and sodium phosphate. These chapli kababs need to be thawed and then cooked in a lightly oiled pan or in an oven.

It takes a few minutes to cook Sabroso chapli kababs, making them an ideal snack food or backup for unexpected guests. One can get these chapli kababs in two different pack sizes, one has 4 and the other 10.

Price List

Model Price
Sabroso Chicken Chapli Kabab, 4 Pieces, 296g Rs. 390
Sabroso Chicken Chapli Kabab, 10 Pieces, 740g Rs. 810
Sabroso Chapli Kabab (Economy pack) 740gm Rs. 672
Sabroso Chapli Kabab 296gm Rs. 318
Sabroso Saver Chicken Chapli Kebab 888GM Rs. 615
Sabroso Chapli Kabab 888GM Rs. 781
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