Russell Hobbs Food Processor Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Russell Hobbs Food Processor in Pakistan is Rs.8,400 and estimated average price is Rs.16,774.


Designed to help with a host of tasks in the kitchen, a Russell Hobbs Food Processor can save time. This is great for regular cooks or for when you need to cook larger quantities.


Russell Hobbs is a well-known brand with a wide range of products, this range also includes food processors.

With a Russell Hobbs Food Processor, you can get your kitchen work done a lot faster, helping you save time and reducing cooking hassle. These machines from Russell Hobbs are versatile and can get a bunch of different tasks done.

If you want to rough chop vegetables for a casserole or chop them finely to add to a pasta sauce, both are doable. You can also use your Russell Hobbs Food Processor to make purees or make milkshakes.

There are multiple attachments for the machine to get the right task done in a manner befitting. This ranges from stainless steel blades to shredding disks to a dough blade and more. The speeds can also be set, depending on the speed task results vary as well which is why it is important to have this feature.

The Russell Hobbs Food Processors are designed well, with one option that has a retro look, something the brand does for a lot of their products.

Price List

Model Price
Russell Hobbs Explore Food Processor (19460-56) Rs. 13,600
Russell Hobbs 24730-56 Desire Food Processor Rs. 15,870
Russell Hobbs Horizon Food Processor (24731) Rs. 23,333
Russell Hobbs Desire Food Processor (24730) Rs. 22,667
Russell Hobbs 19460-56 Explore Food Processor Rs. 8,400
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