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The Russell Hobbs Cream Kettle is a classic-looking kettle. The style feels like a kettle from decades ago, with all the functions of a modern electric kettle. The size allows for six cups of hot water.


If you want to add some flavour to your kitchen space in the sense of a style and look the Russell Hobbs Cream Kettle is a great choice.

With a design that seems like it is from a few decades ago, the Russell Hobbs Cream Kettle has a metal finish with cream colouring on the sides. There is a water gauge along the body where the handle is connected so you can easily see how much water is inside.

The Russell Hobbs Cream Kettle can compensate for 6 cups of water. If you want to heat just one it takes only about 55 seconds, which is super fast. On the body, there is also a retro temperature gauge.

There is just one button to operate it, which is illuminated so one finds it easier to see. A small removable filter is also present to make sure none of the sediments gets into your drinks.

As far as electric kettles go, the Russell Hobbs Cream Kettle is probably one of the best looking.

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