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The Lowest price of Rs232 Cable in Pakistan is Rs.399 and estimated average price is Rs.3,041.


An older standard for communication cables the RS232 is used in more specific, technical environments today. It is available for lower-end prices.


RS232 Cable 

A cable that connects to ports that are becoming legacy ports today. The RS232 cable was originally designed for teletypewriters and as this standard did not foresee what computers would become there were adapters to compensate for signal issues with newer technology. Some commands would lack otherwise as there would be missing control signals.

Uses today

Over time the USB has become the more standard cable system for connecting peripherals such as keyboards, mouses and displays to computers. This is due to them being faster and also the fact that they use lesser energy.

The RS232 cable is in use today but for more specific applications. It can be found in Programmable Logic Controllers, these systems control manufacturing processes on assembly lines. RS232 is used in laboratories for automation or surveying. Certain variable-frequency drives, servo drives and computerised numerical control equipment can be programmed using this cable. Another common use is with headless systems such as servers. Due to these more technical uses, computer manufacturers have provided the necessary porting options or adapters.


The advantage an RS232 cable does have over USB cables is that it is more immune to electromagnetic interference; an important edge in more technical environments as readings need to be more exacting.

RS232 cables are available for lower-end prices and one can also find many options for converters and converter cables so one can connect to older technology if needed.

Price List

Model Price
USB to DB9 Serial RS232 RS 232 Cable Converter Ad… Rs. 600
USB to RS232 Serial Cable Converter Adapter DB9 Rs. 600
USB to RS232 / USB to Serial Adapter with PL2303 … Rs. 550
ZTEK Cable RS232 Serial Interface DB9 Transmissi… Rs. 1,550
Usb To Rs232 Adapter With Pl2303 Chipset Usb 2.0 … Rs. 1,778
Ugreen USB 2.0 to RS232 DB9 Serial Cable - 3ft Rs. 5,699
PCI RS 232 2port Card Rs. 1,727
Ugreen USB 2.0 to RS232 DB9 Serial Cable Rs. 5,699
Ugreen USB to RS232 DB9 Serial Cable - 3ft Rs. 4,099
PCI E Express RS232 2port Card Rs. 2,159
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