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The Lowest price of Rosemary Oil in Pakistan is Rs.219 and estimated average price is Rs.543.


Rosemary oil is used for health benefits and also to add flavour to your food. This is not to be confused with the rosemary essential oil. The price of rosemary oil is in a mid-range.


Rosemary oil is said to have health benefits in holistic medicine, it is an 'extract' of the plant not the same as the essential oil. These include helping with hair growth, repelling bugs, can reduce some pains, easing stress, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.

The essential oil which is separate is said to make one more alert and reduce fatigue.

For food people also use some rosemary oil to add flavour, this is generally in smaller quantities and depending on the dish could also be rosemary essential oil. The essential oil would be two drops for a whole dish, just to infuse the flavour.

Ingesting the essential oil on its own can be toxic to the body, as is the case with most essential oils.

Rosemary oil is available at a mid-range price. The essential oil can be a bit more costly at times.

Price List

Model Price
Saeed Ghani Rosemary Oil - 10ml - 8964000507117 Rs. 500
Pack of 2 Oils - Orange oil, Rosemary Oil Rs. 600
Set of 3 Essential Oils Aromatherapy Essential Oi… Rs. 699
Rosemary essential oil pure and organic 30ml Rs. 850
Pack of 3 - Orange oil, Rosemary Oil & Glycerin O… Rs. 600
Rosemary Oil - 30ml - for skin and hair - Rose me… Rs. 250
Rosemary Aromatherapy Essential Oil Rosemary Oil… Rs. 299
Pack of 3 oils - Orange oil, Rosemary Oil & Lave… Rs. 450
Rosemary Oil - 250ml - for skin and hair - roseme… Rs. 900
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