Rivaj Hair Serum Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Rivaj Hair Serum in Pakistan is Rs.325 and estimated average price is Rs.577.


Rivaj UK Hair Serum is infused with natural ingredients that nourish the hair, keeping it soft and supple. The serum also reduces hair fall, promotes hair growth and restores its lustre. The prices of Rivaj Hair Serum in Pakistan are in the low range.


Quality Ingredients

There are all natural ingredients in hair serums by the brand. Rivaj UK Argan Hair Serum has Moroccan argan oil as the main ingredient. Other ingredients used are Macadamia oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin 83, protein, camelina, lipid, apricot, glucose, vitaament, silicon derivatives, pracaxi and wax. 


In combination, these contents restore dry and damaged hair and treat scalp dryness. Regular use of Rivaj hair serum will encourage the growth of hair, reduce frizz and tangles, leaving hair soft, lustrous and manageable. It will also reverse damage caused to the hair by sun exposure, heated devices and hair styling products.


Rivaj UK is an easily available brand and all its hair serums are priced in the budget-friendly range. The serums come in tinted glass bottles with either a plastic or dropper cap. It is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottle sizes. 

How to Use

The serum is to be applied after washing the hair. Take a few drops of the hair serum and rub it between your palms to warm it. Then apply to towel-dried or slightly damp hair and scalp by massaging in circular motions. Make sure to apply the serum on the hair shaft to treat split ends as well as dry and brittle hair. No need to wash it out as it is a leave-in serum.

Compare Rivaj Hair Serum prices in Pakistan on this page and buy from our trusted sellers. This serum can also be applied to coloured and treated hair safely. 

Price List

Model Price
Rivaj UK Argan Hair Serum 30ml Rs. 882
Rivaj UK Argan Hair Serum 30ml Rs. 345
Rivaj Uk Argan Hair Serum 100 ml Rs. 490
Rivaj UK Tea Tree Oil Natural Antiseptic Serum 30… Rs. 435
Rivaj UK Aloe Vera Hair Serum 30ml Rs. 882
Rivaj UK Argan Hair Serum 50ml Rs. 325
Rivaj Uk Aloe Vera Hair Serum 30ml Rs. 360
Rivaj UK Argan Hair Serum 50ml Rs. 904
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