Refrigerators Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Refrigerators in Pakistan is Rs.27,030 and estimated average price is Rs.65,132.


Managing food supplies and cooked meals in the home and office can be tough without the help of a refrigerator. Perishable food items such as fruit, milk, eggs and butter all need refrigerating without which they do not last as long. There are various models available in the market manufactured by international and national electronics brands. Customers can choose from various sizes, colours and cooling technologies depending on their personal requirements. Local brands such as Pel, Dawlance and Super Asia have affordable price ranges for refrigerators as compared to LG or Samsung.


The popular international brands for refrigerators are Samsung, Kenwood, Panasonic and LG that specialise in all-in-one units that have one section dedicated for refrigeration and the other for freezing food items. The large and medium models can be stored in the kitchen, pantry and dining room for easy access while the smallest size is ideal for a student dorms room, office lunchroom or bedrooms. Each model has its own set volume measured in litres or cubic meters. A large family can benefit from using a 22 cu. ft which can accommodate storing large qualities of food for several weeks. 

Power Performance 

Refrigerators use a compressor to generate cooling within the cabinet that is sealed in by a rubber liner around the door to ensure no heat escapes. The main cabinet can be controlled using a thermostat and there is a light inside the refrigerator to help easily locate food items. The power performance of modern refrigerators ensures that you save electricity as they are designed with powerful cooking systems that quickly reach the desired temperature without overworking the compressors. By simply placing your fridge in a cooler room the compressor will work less to maintain the desired temperature ensuring you spend less electricity. 

Price List

Model Price
Haier HRF-368 EBD 14 Cubic Feet Refrigerator Rs. 65,000
Dawlance Refrigerator 9191 WB Chrome 15 Cubic Feet Rs. 67,000
Orient Refrigerator Diamond 225 Liters 8 Cubic Fe… Rs. 39,150
Homage Refrigerator HRF-47332 VCM Black 11 Cubic … Rs. 52,100
GREE Denali Series Refrigerator 7680 Rs. 74,900
GREE Everest Series Refrigerator Floral 9978 Rs. 95,400
Dawlance 9191 WB Chrome Pro Refrigerator Rs. 71,500
Orient Refrigerator Ice 330 Liters 12 Cubic Feet Rs. 62,400
Haier HRF-306 EPC 11 Cubic Feet Refrigerator Rs. 62,000
Haier HRF-368 EPB 14 Cubic Feet Refrigerator Rs. 70,000
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