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The Lowest price of Razors in Pakistan is Rs.25 and estimated average price is Rs.870.


A tool designed to shave. There are a few different types of razors one can purchase. Which you choose is a matter of preference and also skill level as some razors are difficult to use and are dangerous if mishandled. The price of a razor depends on the brand and type, with prices being in the lower ranges generally.



Razors are used to shave hair. This can be hair anywhere on the body. Men and women both make use of razors, for different parts of the body.

Gillette is the most successful razor producing brand, although it was another brand that came up with the idea of a handle that one can buy blades for separately.

Types of razors

There are 4 types of razors one can opt for. There the original straight razor that is a blade which folds into its handle. These are difficult to use and can be extremely dangerous. Learning to use a straight razor well takes time and once one does know how to it will give you the closest shave possible. This kind of razor will last forever but needs one to strop and hone the metal; another skill that one has to learn to keep their blade sharp.

The original safety razor is a handle onto which a razor blade is fixed. After a few shaves, the blade can be swapped out for a fresh, sharp one. These types of razors also require some learning so one does not cut or nick their face.

The more modern types include a disposable safety razor and cartridge safety razors. Disposable razors can be used for 3 to 5 times. The head is mostly fixed so there is no swivel motion to help one with their shaving process, but certain models have some swivelling motion in them. These kinds of razors are cheaper to use and work well for travel or emergency situation. The design makes them a lot easier to use, minimising the chances of injury.

A cartridge razor is the modern safety razor, you keep the handle and buy new cartridges to swap out blades. These have a swivel head which allows one to have a more smooth shaving experience overall. This design also helps reduce chances of injuries while shaving allowing one to shave faster. 

Other considerations

The issue with disposable and cartridge razors is the plastic waste that keeps building up. This is something one has to consider as all the plastic waste is adding up to choke the planet.


Despite safety razors being designed to minimise injury one still does need to be careful while shaving.

The most commonly known razor brands include Gillette and Bic, but they produce the modern iterations we are used to today.

The price of a razor depends on the type and also brand. Generally, a nominally priced item.

Razors should be disposed of carefully.

Price List

Model Price
Gillette Simply Venus 2 Disposable Razor 12 count Rs. 1,250
BIC Body Razor 24 Pcs Box Rs. 1,320
Zayraz Professional Barber/Salon Razor Edge Hair … Rs. 2,999
Barber Scissors Razor Edge Quality - 7 inches Ha… Rs. 1,499
Personal Barber Salon kit Bag, Economical Pack, b… Rs. 2,449
Stainless Steel Double Sided Shaving Safety Razor… Rs. 699
Tinkle Eye Brow Razor Pack of 3pcs Rs. 149
Gillette Simply Venus 3Blades Single Razor Rs. 250
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